Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Introducing...Father McKenzie!

From time to time on Planet Salem I like to feature other acts who are in some way connected with Salem. Tonight I thought I'd feature the band who are supporting Salem in Helsinki tomorrow, they're called Father McKenzie, and they are a mixture of Swedes and Swedish-speaking Finns, who are based in Örebro.

I found this post (dated 11th January) on their blog at and I thought you might like this part of it: "Yesterday I got an e-mail from Svenska Talande Klubben in Helsinki and they asked us to be the supporting act for Salem Al Fakir (!!!!!!!). This is amazing news for us since Salem Al Fakir has always been one of our greatest Idols and role-models. The event will take place on the 2nd of February in Helsinki. Don´t miss it!!!!!"

They also have something else in common with Salem, as they are also competing in a national song contest...not Melodifestivalen but the 2011 Finnish Euroviisut, with "Good Enough", a high-quality pop song which definitely lives up to its name. The good news is that the band have made it through to the final, so I'd like to wish them all the best!

Check out for more of their songs. If you like the intelligent piano-pop style of acts like Keane and Coldplay then I think you will like Father McKenzie too.

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Damian said...

They also said that they're following MF and both Anna and Salem were supported by them the most :)