Monday, 8 November 2010

"Split My Personality": the Bassflow remake!

Swedish production team Bassflow has been responsible for some excellent 'remakes' over the past few years, for artists/bands including Johnossi, Donkeyboy, Martin Stenmarck, Ola Svensson and my favourite Bassflow remake: "Gloria" by Mando Diao.

Now we can add Salem Al Fakir's name to the list, because there is a great new remake of "Split My Personality" which is now being played on P3. At the moment it's not commercially available but someone has posted it on YouTube. Check it out at


Fredrik P och F said...

They aired it when Salem was on Morgonpasset, too.

Damian said...

God knows how I love Bassflow remixes and this one is another great!!! It's so-so anthemic. Thanx for the tips!

Damian said...

By the way did you read it Laura?

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Fredrik - unfortunately I never heard the full show, only clips of Morgonpasset so I didn't know anything about this new version of the song until tonight.

Damian - of course I know how much you love the Bassflow stuff, all of us fans of Swedish pop seem to love it! And thanks for the link to the deserves a separate post, coming right up!