Monday, 22 November 2010

Salem and Sjung Nu, singing in Stockholm!

Last night Salem made a guest appearance with the Sjung Nu choir at the Filadelfiakyrkan in Stockholm. Here is a clip (which someone has very kindly posted on YouTube) of Salem and the choir singing a brilliant version of "Keep On Walking". Enjoy!

By the way, if any Planet Salem readers were in the choir I'd love to hear from you - you did a fantastic job. Did Salem sing any more songs or was it just "Keep On Walking"?


Fredrik P och F said...

Wow! Could it be that he is better than ever? His voice sure has kept on growing...

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Yes I think he's singing better than ever - I always loved his voice but it's now so much stronger than in the early days!

My favourite part in this performance is when he sings "I can leave my troubles behind" - totally sends a shiver down my spine, but in a good way of course :)

The vocal harmonies on the chorus are also stunning. The great thing about "Keep On Walking" is that it can be sung in any style, from acoustic to dance to gospel, and it will still sound fantastic!!

Focus on Life said...

Wow, just played that clip, it was very impressive when the camera panned out and you could see just how many choir members were participating! Great work whoever filmed it and Salem 'buzzing' as ever, I cant think of many people more full of joy and sheer enthusiasm than this man!!!!

Anonymous said...

He also did very nice versions of 4 o'clock and Good Song with the choir and a stunning solo number, Brooklyn Sun, with just him and the grand piano.

He is a real musical genius, but remains a very gentle and humble person!

/Hasse (One of the tenors in the Sjung Nu Choir)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Sharon - yes his joy and enthusiasm remains so infectious doesn't it! He never looks bored or 'going through the motions' unlike so many other musicians. Salem has such a genuine love for music which always shines through.

Hasse - thanks for the info! It was such a great idea, getting Salem together with the choir = an excellent combination!

Yes I agree - he is still such a humble and likeable person which makes him even more special :)

Damian said...

Oh, I love Sjung Nu concerts though I guess we don't get even the the smallest drop of real impression of people in hall by this youtube-videos but idea of gospel-choir singing popular hits is undoubtfully amazing. And this is pretty adorable how Salem works with public :)