Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Planet Salem poll !

There has been a lot of coverage in the Swedish media about "Så mycket bättre", so I wanted to know your views about this TV show. This gave me the idea for a new poll - would you like to see Salem appear in a future series of the show? The poll will remain open until 12th December and as usual it's just for fun, so remember to vote!

In my own humble opinion, I would like to see him do the show at some point, not just because it would bring his music to a wider audience, but also because the idea behind the show seems to be based on respect for fellow musicians, all from a wide range of ages and styles. Given Salem's love of music, along with his own musical versatility, then I think this show would suit him perfectly. The other special thing about this show is that there are no stupid votes or evictions, it's just a diverse group of artists doing what they enjoy best - making music.

The betting has already started on who will appear on the next series - - and Salem is among the favourites.

I'd also love to see Bjorn Skifs, Tomas Ledin, Orup and Joey Tempest take part too!

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