Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Planet Salem Exclusive: Dalhalla pictures

I promised you something very special for tonight, and here it is - a Planet Salem exclusive!!

Courtesy of my good friend (and big supporter of this blog) the one and only Fredrik Pousette Falk, here are some excellent pictures which were exclusively photographed for Planet Salem by Agnes Högberg on 21st August 2010 prior to Salem and the band's legendary Dalhalla show.

Please remember to credit Agnes if you use these photos anywhere else (thank you!)

Stort grattis Agnes and Fredrik for these wonderful pictures of Salem, Adam, Nisse, Jakob and Sami, from the stunning setting of Dalhalla!


Fredrik P och F said...

Beautiful! Thank you for the kind words, Agnes will be pleased to know you published these =)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hi Fredrik,

Yes they are beautiful pictures aren't they!

Once again can you thank Agnes from me, she is an extremely talented photographer.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday and your trip back to Falun :)))

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!!

Agnes Högberg said...

Thank you for all the kind words =)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Thanks again Agnes for these fabulous pictures and for allowing me to share them with everyone =)

Focus on Life said...

Lovely, natural photographs Agnes. They seem to capture Salem's awe for such an unusual and surreal-looking venue. I'd love to see it - and Salem of course - in person one day! Thanks for sharing. Sharon