Monday, 6 September 2010

Salem on "Keep On Walking"....

A nice little interview with Salem, by Stefan Westrin, which he did before his concert at the re-opening of Gävle Torget yesterday. I found it at
where Salem talks about "Keep On Walking" and its enduring appeal. He revealed that he wrote the song on 19th July 2009.

"I sat with a guitar, played with chords and it was a loop that came up. I recorded it on the phone to remember it; then a few weeks later we went into the studio to record the album, "Ignore This", when I picked it up again. That time I was sitting at a keyboard, and it was there the whole string part and the text came...I wrote the song very quickly".

"I thought it was a song that many would like, so I chose it as the first single. And when Melodifestivalen asked if I wanted to take part as the joker, I was not surprised by the offer, in fact, for they had asked earlier and had I declined. But this time I felt that I had a song that I would actually like to experiment with. They said, "do exactly what you want", and I could do what I always do, and this time in Melodifestivalen.I had not anticipated that it would go so well in the contest....I saw it as an experiment, and I believe that in all successful experiments, you go in with an open mind and try to clear up any preconceptions".

"I sometimes wonder what it is in the song, which appeals to so many....I think there is a simplicity in it that make it easy to absorb....But my particular favorite on the album is actually a different song: "Split My Personality". I hope to be able to play both the songs when I play on the square today".

When I first heard "Ignore This", "Split My Personality" sounded to me like one of the obvious songs which Salem should play live, so I was very surprised when it wasn't part of his live set during the summer tour. (Maybe that's why it's his favourite song, because he doesn't play it all the time? :)))

Anyway, can anyone tell me if Salem played "Split My Personality" in Gävle, as he promised in the interview? I just wondered what it sounded like in the live setting, especially with the backing of the orchestra.

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