Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rockbjörnen photos / Uppsala Nya Tidning interview

A couple of photos of Salem which were taken before last night's award ceremony :)

(courtesy of

(courtesy of

Uppsala Nya Tidning has an interview with Salem prior to his first of two sold-out Uppsala gigs at

In this interview, Salem discussed his musical childhood and was asked how good he is on the violin and piano: "I'm actually pretty good. I haven't practiced violin for so long but on the piano, I am pretty good at the genre I play, I'm good at adapting and have a good ear".

On his initial success and awards: "I was very happy, but I do not write music to win prizes. I have been going on for so long and it's been such a long process with me. Success is a way to reach out to more people, so I see it as a way towards what I want to achieve".

When asked if he has sacrificed anything, Salem said: "I've put a tremendous amount of time on the job through the years and forgotten about a bit that there is a life also, on the side. I want to invest a bit more in life now. That is what is most important".

Finally, on Melodifestivalen - "... I had a life before Melodifestivalen and think I'll have one afterwards too. And it is a much longer journey. Little things like that are very funny, but they are not the main thing in was a one-time thing".

A review from Katalin will be published tomorrow at In the meantime, feast your eyes on this very nice picture which was taken at Katalin tonight by Sven-Olof Ahlgren for UNT.

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