Monday, 27 September 2010

"Morgonpasset" - translation wanted!

Request time :)

Would anyone have a translation of Salem's recent appearance on "Morgonpasset i P3"? I listened to the clips from the show at but found it very hard to translate :)

I'd really appreciate it if anyone would be able to email me a translation of the clips from the SR website, and I'll also publish the translation on the blog if that's OK with you.

Tack så mycket!


Eva said...

Hej Laura! So sorry I haven't done this yet ... well, guess I needed that reminder!! ;) Thanks for the link, I'll get back to you tomorrow night (Thursday).

By the way, hope you enjoyed your stay in Turkey :)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hej Eva....good to hear from you again :) and as usual don't worry, take your time, there's no rush!

I had a very enjoyable holiday, although the weather was a bit too hot (but it didn't spoil it). I'm currently posting my holiday diaries over at my other blog EuropeCrazy.