Monday, 2 August 2010

Mellerud : interview and review

Just found this review tonight: - it's a bit more positive than the PDOL ones anyway, and I like the comment by reviewer Anna Sofia Dahl that "anyone who isn't charmed by Salem Al Fakir - in all cases, aesthetically pleasing - must have a heart of stone". She goes on to say: "he makes people dance, clap, sing and smile"...."he invites the audience to a world that is amazingly nice, kind, cheerful and a little child-like". The reviewer comments on Salem's young audience and compares him to a 'play leader' ..."caring and inclusive".

There is also an interview which was published a few days ago on that website, but which I missed and hadn't been able to find until tonight: in which Salem talks about his summer tour and interestingly, at the end of the interview, mentions his future plans - after he gets a well earned rest of course!! - to write more music, "...and work further with the sound of the song I did before the Crown Princess' wedding". Could this mean an alternative version..."All Day Love (Part II)" perhaps??

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