Monday, 23 August 2010

Gefle Dagblad's Dalhalla review

Just found this lovely review by Kerstin Monk in Gefle Dagblad (the picture above is also courtesy of Kerstin Monk):
It's a detailed and very descriptive review (of what was undoubtedly a fantastic show) and I thought it was particularly interesting when she highlighted that she often thinks of film music when listening to Salem. I feel that way too, and can imagine him composing film soundtracks someday!

The reviewer also mentions Salem's talented musical family, and highlights Salem and Sami's duet for violin and tuba, "Manfreds Dans".

Anyway she concludes: "Labelling Salem al Fakir is almost impossible. He is really a true style mixer. In addition, a real feel-good artist, playful, energetic, humble. An artist that inspires and reaches a wide audience." So true.

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