Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thanks everyone....

I want to thank everyone who contributed their views, set-lists and comments about Salem's shows at Berns last weekend. You all perfectly captured the special experience of a Salem Al Fakir concert and brought it alive for those of us who couldn't be there - and for those who were there, you helped them to relive the experience.

Since that time, I've watched all the video clips, looked at all the pictures and read all the blog posts and every one of them has had me buzzing with excitement. To hear everyone singing along with Salem's songs is a fantastic feeling...he has become so popular now and has so many devoted fans. Which is a wonderful thing indeed!

This week there has also been an increase in daily visitor numbers to Planet Salem, so once again thank you all. I want Planet Salem to keep growing as a community for Salem fans, a place where everyone is welcome to chat about our favourite musical genius!! So if you're a regular visitor, then don't be afraid to leave your comments on any of the posts which I publish - you are among friends here and I'm very happy to hear from each and every one of you!

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