Thursday, 6 May 2010

School choirs sing Salem!

I think I've just found Sweden's coolest school choirs: Hagaskolan and Navestadskolan performed "Keep On Walking" at a concert today and the video is now on YouTube at

Excellent work, boys and girls - well done!


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to here this young children singing this song so nice. Good luck to all the children and the teather. Thank You for very good work.
Inger Al Fakir, Salems mother.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hello Inger,

It's lovely to hear from you - glad that you are still reading and enjoying Planet Salem. Of course it gives me so much pleasure to write about your wonderful son!

I'm also very happy that you like this video, I think it is a lovely version of the song.

Keep in touch,


Eva said...

*happy to see this*!
Hej till Salems mamma :)