Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Salem on SVT's "Go'kväll" - Wednesday 12th May

Don't forget to tune in to SVT's "Go'kväll" this Wednesday. The show starts at 18:15 and Salem will be playing with his band in the studio. The show will also be available to watch later at SVT Play - I'll post the link tomorrow night.

EDIT 12.05.10: Watch the show again at

There's a brief interview with Salem at the beginning of the show, then he and the band perform "Keep On Walking". Salem is back again 28 minutes into the show, for another interview and then it's time for (clap clap) "4 O'Clock".

The sight of Salem singing and dancing around will definitely put a smile on your face. Very infectious and entertaining :))) Are you all pointing your fingers in the air ???? ;)

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