Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Salem on "God Morgen Norge" - TV2, Norway

Salem appeared on TV2's "God Morgen Norge" today and sang "Brooklyn Sun" and "Keep On Walking". There is a link to the show at (although when I clicked on this, it asked if I wanted to subscribe?)

EDIT 06.05.2010: Salem has posted these clips on his official site, but here are the links anyway...

"Keep On Walking": What a wonderful new band-arrangement of the song - I didn't know how it would work without the strings, but it works very well, it's extremely soulful, and I particularly liked the new ending to the song.

"Brooklyn Sun": Well what more can you say about this song? Everytime I hear him sing this song live, it completely rips my heart to shreds. And despite faltering on the first note, Salem delivered what I think is one of his best vocal performances of this song that I've ever heard from him.


Eva said...

I so agree with you! Keep On Walking was so cool and jazzy in this new version, I really liked it. In fact, that song would probably work in any kind of musical style, I bet it would make a great reggae tune as well :)

Brooklyn Sun ... I was also blown away by this version. Even if it's not tecnically perfect, Salem's soulfulness and stage presence all makes up for it ... Just lovely.

EuropeCrazy said...

I haven't stopped listening to both of these versions. It just proves what a brilliant song "Keep On Walking" is...yes I can imagine it in reggae-style :)

And "Brooklyn Sun" - I was so moved by this version that it made me cry. Absolutely beautiful.