Monday, 24 May 2010

Salem in Finland...

I've only just found out about this one, so sorry it's late :(

Salem has been in Finland today and appeared on the KesäKummit charity concert tonight, which was very similar to the "Children In Need" show that we have on British TV every year. The only difference is that we aren't lucky enough to have someone like Salem appearing on that show! (Well maybe in the future...I can dream!)

EDIT 25.05.2010: you can watch the show at

(Many thanks again to our good friend Eva who sent me the link)

Salem performs "4 O´Clock" (1 min 24 sec into the show) and "Keep On Walking" (1 hour, 5 min and 42 secs into the show). As usual, he never disappoints. Looking and sounding great at the moment, don't you all agree? And I just love the hair ;)

There is also a nice Swedish-language interview with Salem on this Finnish website:


Eva said...

Don't know about the link to the concert, but here's a couple of clips where Salem is interviewed on "radio-station-tv" (The Voice in Finland).

And the rest of the interview:

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Thanks Eva...I'll post these links right away, and will watch them later tonight (I'm at work just now and not allowed to watch video!)

Focus on Life said...

See now, what a self-less act, posting the links for us to see before you've even managed to watch em yourself Laura! I'm off work this week so just took a look, Salem was so cute getting flustered when asked to comment on his own song, bless him :-)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I've just watched the interview - of course I love to hear him speaking English too! One thing that never changes, whether he's interviewed in Swedish or English: Salem is as sweet and funny as ever ;)

Eva said...

Hi again,
They've been posting like CRAZY on facebook the last few days ... :P Not easy to sort things out there! However, I found a clip of Salem on finnish tv yesterday, that my friend Lotta had posted in the TV forum. (love it when people use the forums, instead of just the log .......;)

Salem performs "4 O´Clock" (1 min 24 sec into the show) and "Keep On Walking" (1 hour, 5 min and 42 secs into the show).

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Eva once again, what can I say??? You did it again :)) I haven't really had much time over the last couple of days to read the log or any of the Facebook forums so I've just been Google-searching to get my Salem news.

So thanks again for sharing the link to the TV show - I'll post it on the blog right now!! I've just watched the clip and I love it! I hope Salem has lots of success in Finland.