Sunday, 16 May 2010

Aiming for the's time for a break!

Tomorrow I am going away for a city break in Bratislava (Slovakia) for a few days. Anyway that is the plan, however as the volcanic ash cloud is now back over the UK, there is a real chance that I won't get away - most of our airports have been closed today and may be closed again tomorrow :(

If I do get away on holiday, Planet Salem will be closing for a few days and should return late on Saturday night. In the meantime keep the comments and emails coming and I will get back to you next weekend.

A couple of things before I go - remember that "4 O'Clock" is released as a single tomorrow! Also, Salem will be on "Djävulsrallyt" on Kanal 5 at 20:00 tomorrow night.

Vi ses snart.... :)



Eva said...

Hope you get your holiday in Slovakia, sounds really nice!

Focus on Life said...

Just blow hard Laura, the Ash might move for you! Hope you get away and back safe and enjoy yourself. Sharon

Stefan Pihlgård said...

I saw Salems "maybe-girlfriend" last friday again in a club in Gothenburg. Lots of guys around her I say... ;-)
Soooo beautiful!