Monday, 22 March 2010

Today's update - 22.03.2010

It's all good news, all the time these days :)

Almost 24,800 fans now on Facebook!!

"Keep On Walking" is no.1 tonight on the Rix FM Topp 6 Klockan 6 chart - remember to "keep on voting" and keep it at no. 1!! Vote at

Meanwhile on the Swedish iTunes download chart, "Keep On Walking" remains at no.2 whilst "Ignore This" is also at no. 2. "This Is Who I Am" is no. 100 and "Astronaut" is no. 113.

In the Norwegian iTunes chart, "Ignore This" is no. 43. Whilst in the Finnish iTunes chart, "Ignore This" is at no. 193 - but he's still selling more copies than The Killers and Madonna :)

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