Monday, 15 March 2010

Screencaps from SVT's "Gomorron Sverige" today/Translation wanted!

Once again readers, I need your help! Would anyone be able to translate what Salem said in the interview? (It's at SVT Play: )



Eva said...

Hello Laura!
I can give you a hand, that is if you're able to wait until tonight? (At work right now and although I would love to do this translation right now I can't ... :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Eva,

Tonight would be great! Just like you, I am also at work right now but can only get limited internet access - I can't view videos or visit Facebook so need to wait till night-time before I can do this.

I would really appreciate a translation as my knowledge of spoken Swedish is still very limited, I am curious to find out what Salem thought about Melodifestivalen.

Thanks again :)))