Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Salem and Nour: the correspondence continues

If you're a listener to Swedish Radio's "Morgonpasset i P3" you will know that Salem is a very regular guest on the show. Last week a correspondence started between Nour El-Refai (another Morgonpasset regular) and Salem: on Friday Salem's reply was revealed and now Nour has replied to Salem's letter. It's all very funny, and very naughty too :)))

Anyway Salem was back on Morgonpasset yesterday, when he wrote his reply to Nour - which will be revealed on Friday. Can't wait to hear it :))

You can check out photos from yesterday's show at the following link, (scroll down and click page numbers until you reach Tuesday's show) where Salem was restyled by those crazy Morgonpasset presenters and here he is, modelling his alternative glittery Melodifestivalen-outfit ...

(picture courtesy of Kasper Nowakowski/SR)

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