Thursday, 18 March 2010

Roundup - Thursday 18.03.10: reviews and Swedish media appearances

"Keep On Walking" is still at no. 1 in the iTunes chart - and "Ignore This" is still no.2 in the albums list.

Found this Norwegian review of "Ignore This" at the website:

An excellent review of "Ignore This" on the always-excellent #1 Hits From Another Planet blog...

Salem appeared on Swedish P3 radio today: (again, would anyone be able to translate?)

Meanwhile Salem will be back on SVT's "Gomorron Sverige" tomorrow at 8.50 am for an interview, along with his brother Sami. Remember to tune in (or catch it later on SVT Play).


Eva said...

Hi again! I'll try and have a look at the radio interview, but I can't do it until tomorrow Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks again Eva - you do so much hard work so you deserve a break :)

Talk to you soon!