Sunday, 21 March 2010

"Keep On Walking" all over Swedish radio....

I was listening to a lot of Swedish radio on Saturday - P3, Mix Megapol and Rix FM - and I heard "Keep On Walking" so many times, which made me extremely happy indeed.

And of course I've had "Ignore This" on repeated play at home - review to follow on Planet Salem very soon - I am completely loving this album. Completely.


Richard said...

Hi, Richard from Pop Love Dance here :D Still loving Keep On Walking - back to #1 in my chart this week and the album is in at #2! Do you think there's any chance he'll ever come over to the UK with his material or to do any shows? I think he'd go down well here.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Richard!

Very nice to hear from you again - and I'm glad that you like the song and the album so much.

Unfortunately there is still no sign of Salem's music getting released in the UK, not now or in the near future so I'll need to keep campaigning for that!!

Yes I agree that there would definitely be an audience for his music here - it's so refreshing and different.

I guess for the moment the only way we get to see him live is to go over to Sweden, (which of course I'm doing this week!) but I live in hope that one day he'll play live over here. In the meantime we'll just have to keep the blog-land buzz going :)

Anonymous said...

To bad fore you. I live in sweden so can just go to he's konser when it is ;) And he is sooo good love him <3 // Lushie