Monday, 8 March 2010

"Ignore This" digital release day roundup!

Firstly, here's the link to buy "Ignore This" at Swedish iTunes:

Media appearances:

Salem had a day of non-stop promotion today, beginning at Rix FM where he appeared on the Rix MorronZoo breakfast show. Go to then click 'ljudklipp' then a new window will appear on screen. If you then enter 'Salem Al Fakir' into the search box you will find clips from this morning's show.

You can also find a picture of Salem and the MorronZoo presenters at his 'Keep On Walking' blog on Aftonbladet:

Then it was onto Expressen TV's XL Live for a particularly lovely live performance of "Brooklyn Sun". Here it is, courtesy of Expressen TV:

And Salem even had the time to chat on MSN today!

Salem will be on NRJ's breakfast show tomorrow at 07:30 so don't miss it.

Album Reviews:

Poplight has a three-star review of "Ignore This" at

News updates:

I'm trying to bring as much news and as many links as I can this week, however I can only apologise if I can't publish all of these until the evening - as I'm not allowed access to Facebook/YouTube/MySpace/any video sites from my computer at work.

In the meantime remember to keep checking Salem's official site, MySpace (which has a nice new redesign), Twitter and Facebook for regular updates on Salem's big week!

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