Wednesday, 10 March 2010

"Ignore This": CD release day round-up!

The big day finally arrived - the "Ignore This" CD is now in the shops and in all good online record stores - of course you can't ignore it, so go out and buy your copy now if you haven't already done so :))

Album Reviews

Anders Jaderup at awards the album two stars: "...It is not noticeable when he sat at his piano in Melodifestivalen, but "Ignore This" is the disc where Salem Al Fakir discovers electronic pop... his fondness for three decades ago progressive soft rock continues to take place but it's a bit naive to tie the album together with the two predecessors" :

Lisa Appelqvist in Ystads Allehanda awards four stars: "...creates infectious hit songs ... bred with so many incredibly different components, nuances and developments in a single track. In an interview before the Kristianstad gig last winter Salem Al Fakir writes songs that only show up in his head - I would like to sit in there and see it happen....All in all, impossible to ignore".

Uppsala Nya Tidning's Johanna Ã…berg awards four stars: "...'Ignore This' contains apart from 'Keep on Walking' more cheerful moments such as the almost ridiculously catchy and charming, 'I'm so happy'....but there are more introverted moments... A little of each, or rather a lot of everything is a concept that fits Salem".,1826,MC=5-AV_ID=1024026,00.html

It's four stars from Stefan Thungren in Svenska Dagbladet: "And something has definitely sounds as if Salem has got his hands on a couple of Giorgio Moroder-soundtracks from the 80s, namely Cat People and Electric Dreams. Adulterated with his great ability for melodies, he manages and updates the genre in an impressive manner.... Although Al Fakir now has the computer as his main instrument, there are a whole series of songs that recalls how he once was. ..the extremely efficient 'Keep on Walking', stands out with its immediacy..'Ignore This' is not Al Fakir's great masterpiece, but it is another piece of the puzzle in place, towards the pop perfection to come."

Dagens Nyheter's Johanna Paulsson awards 3 stars: "he has taken steps towards the dance floor.... As a lyricist, he has grown considerably ("Bloody Breakfast") whilst "Keep on Walking" indicates that the drilled classical violinist from Huddinge can still twist up a pop symphony, and "I'm so happy" sounds like an Elton John in disco mood. But in between, he has a bit difficult to decide whether he will be popular or clever inhis new synths sound. Best tracks: "Red Rock", "Split My Personality".

Jessica Rosengren in Norrlandska Socialdemokraten also awards three stars: "The album, which admittedly is both playful and charming, is permeated by a strong electronic sound. Unfortunately, it may dominate too much.. The best tracks are simple and unadorned Brooklyn Sun and Split My Personality that grabs and offers a bit less of the catchy computer sounds".


There's a very entertaining interview with Salem in the lead-up to Melodifestivalen final at QX's website - 19 questions asked, 19 revealing answers!

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