Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Delivery is on its way...

For all you digital-downloaders out there, you will already have your copy of "Ignore This". Whilst I like my digital downloads too, I'm one of those old-school music fans who will always prefer to own a CD (or for many years before that, a vinyl album!). So you won't be surprised to know that I pre-ordered my CD copy of "Ignore This" a couple of weeks ago, as I mentioned in a previous post here.

Anyway I checked my inbox tonight and there was an email from CDON to let me know that delivery is on its way!

It's almost a year since I was saying the same thing on this blog about "Astronaut" - it has been such a quick year, hasn't it! Hopefully I should have my copy of "Ignore This" by the weekend and I'll review it soon after I receive it.

Of course you lucky Swedish people won't have to wait too long: the CD is in the shops tomorrow!