Sunday, 14 March 2010

A couple more press reviews of "Ignore This"

Jens Höglin in Dagbladet: "the productive multiinstrumentalist is back ...with both feet first into more electronic sound sounds as if electronic instruments and production have been prioritised over songwriting". The reviewer does however praise "Keep On Walking", "Brooklyn Sun" and "Virgin Mary", but on the whole describes this as Salem's weakest collection of songs so far.

Sara Lundvall, Vasterbottens Folkblad awards 4 stars: "Al Fakir has invested in a more electronic sound...probably he will lose some fans used to the more accessible radio pon, but for those of us who appreciate this musical development raises an additional dimension of respect for this talented musician. This new trail is absolutely the way to go for Salem Al Fakir. New "difficult" Salem shows a different depth and an interesting darkness"

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