Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chart update...and beware of imitations!

3 albums in the top 20 on the Swedish iTunes album chart!

2. Ignore This
10. This Is Who I Am
12. Astronaut

Salem songs in Swedish iTunes top 200 tracks chart:

2. Keep On Walking (single)
3. Keep On Walking (album version)
30. Backseat
92. Brooklyn Sun
97. I'm So Happy
105. Good Song (single)
115. Astronaut
126. 4 O'Clock
138. Split My Personality
140. Part of It
142. Red Rock
143. Cowboys & Dinosaurs
171. Good Song (album version)
200. Virgin Mary

One more thing - apparently there are other people on Facebook pretending to be Salem so this is a reminder that if you're looking for Salem on Facebook then you should only go to the following link:

Great news - Salem now has almost 20,000 fans on Facebook! More great news - a discussion board has also been added to his Facebook site so this will provide even more interaction between Salem and his growing number of fans.

Just one more personal update - another day has gone by and I still don't have my copy of the CD. Maybe tomorrow???


Fredrik P och F said...

Yeah, I've also been waiting for the album since the release - maybe CDON have had some problems... I'm apparently getting my copy tomorrow, so hopefully you'll get yours soon, too =)

It's really cool that Salem has reached these numbers. It seems like Ignore This hasn't had much attention on Spotify yet, though...

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Fredrik,

I can't understand why it has taken so long this time - I've ordered lots of CDs from CDON in the past, they are usually dispatched and I have them by the weekend. Of course, Salem's CDs are the most important - and the best! - so you can understand why I'm feeling impatient. Let me know when you get the CD - and of course I'll post on the blog when I get mine :)

It's great to know that Salem has so many new fans who now want to discover his older music now - they won't be disappointed!

As for Spotify, I wonder if the lack of attention is because you need to be "invited" to Spotify - at least that is the case over here in Britain when you try to access this site?

Fredrik P och F said...

I'll make sure to let you know - like I wrote on your latest post (before I remembered that I had commented on this one) I really think I'll get mine tomorrow.
I can't wait either, I have had to bear all the commercials on Spotify, just to get a listen. And I really think it's terrific! Now that I've got a bit more accustomed to this version of Brooklyn Sun (without the orchestra) I really really like it too.

I think most of us young swedes are already Spotify user, so I guess that Virgin (or EMI) would earn much on advertising the album a bit more.
By the way, do you have an account? If not, I might be able to get you an invite.