Wednesday, 17 February 2010

"Ignore This": tracklisting revealed!

Here is the tracklisting for Salem's third album "Ignore This" which is released in three weeks time!

01. The Song I Never Wrote

02. 4 O'clock

03. Virgin Mary

04. Red Rock

05. Keep On Walking

06. This Is For

07. Part Of It

08. Brooklyn Sun

09. Don't Wanna Talk About It

10. Bloodybreakfast

11. Split My Personality

12. Cowboys And Dinosaurs

13. I'm So Happy

Some very interesting titles here: we're all familiar with '"4 O'Clock" and "Brooklyn Sun" and of course "Keep On Walking" but I haven't heard any of the other songs.... This is very different from "Astronaut" where most of the songs had been played live for a few months before the album's release and I knew almost all of them.

The countdown is's only three weeks until the release of the album and of course I am so excited! If you're following Salem on Facebook and Twitter you'll know that he is currently rehearsing in the studio, doing interviews and all the last-minute preparation before the album is released.


Fredrik Pousette said...

Hurra =D

Pranav said...

Can hardly wait for this. I hope this is stylistically closer to his debut album.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
I am so looking forward to this album!
The song Cowboys and Dinosaurs was played at Berwaldhallen in December. A very mysterious song. I liked it very much - a playful "Salem-song" full of imagination. You could sense the fantasy of a young boy dreaming a story.

Maria said...

He played Cowboys and Dinosaurs last time he was at Berwaldhallen!