Saturday, 20 February 2010

"Ignore This" will be available for download at Amazon UK!

Here's the link:

For a brief period there were very short clips of the album tracks but these have now been removed, but here's what I thought anyway ....

On first hearing of the clips, it certainly sounds very different from anything that we have heard before. But then, if you are a Salem fan then you will be used to that by now! There is no end to his musical diversity: and there are many different musical styles on this album which, as predicted, has a synth-pop feel.

On first listen....

1. "The Song I Never Wrote": 58-second long synth-based instrumental, recalling "Begin" from "This Is Who I Am".

2. "4 O'Clock" - A synth-driven story of a sleepless night, with a triumphant chorus.

3. "Virgin Mary" - oh I really like this! Uplifting synth-driven pop song with a lively chorus - I really want to hear more of this song and I think it will be one of my favourites.

4. "Red Rock" - driving synth/techno beat with vocoder-vocals. Don't know how this will go?

5. "Keep On Walking" - Melodifestivalen 2010 entry. Win or lose, it has already reached classic status and won Salem so many, many new fans.

6. "This Is For" - very different sound for Salem, driven by an unusual urgency and almost-vocoded synth beats.

7. "Part Of It" - I think this will also become one of my favourite songs on this album - "I dare you to take a step outside...."

8. "Brooklyn Sun" - already a classic. A totally beautiful song, no more, no less. I would have preferred an orchestral-arrangement on this but there is a nice echoey production and a layered chorus, and that is enough for me.

9. "Don't Wanna Talk About It" - frenzied techno-instrumental. Someone on Twitter compared this to Mr Oizo: good description.

10. "Bloody Breakfast" - "let them all have a sniff and taste"....I'm intrigued by this, and I want to hear more of it. Another strongly synth-influenced song.

11. "Split My Personality" - a bit more serious, synth-driven song which I'm really keen to hear more of.

12. "Cowboys and Dinosaurs" - a mix of acoustic guitars and synth-strings. Very dream-like: probably this album's answer to "Hymn" or "Purple Lady".

13. "I'm So Happy" - it sounds like "old" Salem - the song has a very happy and uplifting vibe, with the 'la-la-las"....I really, really, really want to hear more of this!

All in all, a very different (and more contemporary) sound for Salem - I like it!

If you were lucky enough to hear the clips, let me know what you think!


kevin (ru) said...

Much more electro! Where all the strings go?

Mia said...

Unfortunately, I really didn´t like this. I find the songs "harder" to my ears, noisy in a bad way. For me, it really feels like this was a turn for the worse. :-( The oh so beautiful melodies from his previous albums are nowhere to be found.

Well. Maybe others like it.

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds beautiful, as always when Salem composes. But this time he sounds almost angry when he is singing in some songs and that is new from him. Maybe I miss the cheery Salem a bit, but it still sounds great./Sofie

Fredrik Pousette said...

I agree about just about everything you wrote. And I have a feeling this album is gonna be a really beautiful experience. Probably more satisfying than Astronaut, maybe almost as good as This Is Who I Am.

And by the way, you must have heard "Cowboys" on the Berwaldhallen broadcast. Almost like an intro for Cold Shower.

EuropeCrazy said...

Oh yes, I do remember that music now, which led into "Cold Shower" but I wasn't sure what it was at that time, so thanks for letting me know.

Good mix of comments so far: keep them coming!

Maria said...

Hi Laura!

I've listened to the clips now. And I really think that Salem has been taking it to another level. And I lööve it. Cause there is a big difference from what he's been doing before, though I think that there's also a lot in the new sound which is so much like him!!

Of course I've already got my favourites, here are my reviews of some of the songs;
4 O'CLOCK - Great sound, already stuck on my mind.
VIRGIN MARY - very happy song, and a lovely character .
KEEP ON WALKING - phenomenal
PART OF IT - think it's sounds a bit like a new It's True
BROOKLYN SUN - just so beautiful
SPLIT MY PERSONALITY- this is a bit more mainstream than the other ones i think, it's not very salemish. though i think it'll be great.
COWBOYS - would be an excellent movie soundtrack, love it!
I'M SO HAPPY - gaaah, can't wait to hear the rest of it!!

i think that there are some that might be disappointed with Ignore This. I think people have not expected this from him, and it might take a little while for them to get used to the new sound.

Myself, I think it's great!! Awesome!

Pranav said...

This is a radically new sound that is obviously very synth-driven - especially compared to the very motown-era-like "This is who I am". Based on the clips, it appears like "Virgin Mary" is the album's best offering and would have also probably made a better lead single than "Keep on walking" (but then again, this is just based on an assessment of the clips).