Monday, 25 January 2010

Some news about Salem's website...

I've just been over to Salem's official website where there is a message that the site is currently closed for rebuilding, but will relaunch this Saturday, 30th January for "the complete Salem Al Fakir experience". This sounds very exciting indeed - so remember to visit on Saturday to find out more. (And I'm hoping that Salem puts a link to Planet Salem on his new site!!)

EDIT 27.01.10 - Salem's new website is up and running, very nice it is too...and of course there is a 'fanblogs' link to Planet Salem, so thanks again to Salem and his team for that!

On to some more (personal) news - tonight I am one step closer to going to Gothenburg in March to see Salem's concert! Hoping to get tickets/flights/hotels booked very soon :)