Sunday, 10 January 2010

Berwaldhallen concert on SR P4 / Melodifestivalen running order / Poll closed

Berwaldhallen on P4

If you missed the Berwaldhallen concert which was broadcast on Swedish Radio P4 last week, then it is available to listen again at P4's website - : it should be available for the next three weeks or so.

I listened to the show last Wednesday night, and of course it was excellent, but I was disappointed that the hour-long transmission had been edited to feature only six Salem songs (It's Only You Part II, Cold Shower, Brooklyn Sun, Dream Girl, Roxy and the instrumental Manfreds Dans) along with the performances by the orchestra and Jojje Wadenius.

If any of you were at any of the Berwaldhallen shows, can you tell me which songs were edited out of the radio show? I know that Salem performed "Good Song" but which other songs were not broadcast?

The edited highlights which were broadcast was excellent. Salem just gets better and better, and I just love his musical collaboration with the orchestra. The changes made to "Cold Shower" really suited the song....and as for the piano-version of "Brooklyn Sun", well this was just utterly breathtaking, and even better than the original arrangement for guitar. I hope that if this song is on the third album, that he records it in this new arrangement. And "Manfreds Dans" was as beautiful as everyone had described it - and wasn't it such an emotional moment to hear Salem playing violin in a concert setting.

Melodifestivalen Running Order

The running order for the 2010 Melodifestivalen has now been announced. Salem has a very good draw position in the first semi-final in Örnsköldsvik on 6th February, when he will sing "Keep On Walking": he will be the last of the eight acts on stage that week. (If you are a regular follower of Melodifestivalen/Eurovision then you will know that if an act is drawn near the end of the running order, then they usually have a better chance of qualifying/winning).

Melodifestivalen Poll

Thanks to all of you who voted in my recent poll, which is now closed. I wanted to know if you agreed or disagreed with Salem participating in Melodifestivalen.

Results: 85% of you agree with Salem doing MF, whilst 15% of you disagree with his decision to participate.


Anonymous said...

I was there!

He also sang; Astronaut, This is Who I Am, Good Song and One of the Others! Of Course It was like magic!

EuropeCrazy said...


Yes I can imagine it was a magical night, I just wish that P4 would have broadcast the concert in full - especially when my two favourite songs (Good Song/One of the Others) were played!

Anonymous said...

Yes, One of the Others is GREAT!

I can tell you, being there seeing Sami an Salem play together was really something! I will never forget the minutes of Manfreds Dance, I wished it would go on forever.

I've downloaded the concert now and I just listen to it all the time! I would really like to hear Manfreds Dance in a context, like in a movie or a play, think it would be magnificent!

Anton said...

I attended the concert in 2008 and it was great. Couln´t be there this time so I timed the p4 broadcast on my stereo for a recording. Hope that isn´t to bad :). Unfortunately we had a power cut so I completely missed it :(. Would give my left arm to have heard the orchestra arrangements on some of the new songs. I love one of the others and to me the setting with an orchestra makes it even better. Would love to have heard Cold shower and Manfreds dance.

Does anyone have a clip?