Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Planet Salem's second birthday!

Yes that's right, this blog is two years old today so that's a good reason for a celebration.

It's been a very busy, exciting and personally rewarding 12 months for me doing this blog: the absolute highlight of the past year for me was of course going over to Gothenburg, back in April, where I finally got to meet Salem and then saw him and his band play live. I won't go over it all again as you're probably bored with me talking about it all the time (!) but it was a truly fantastic experience to meet Salem, who is not only an outstanding musician and artist, but who is so genuine, down-to-earth, warm-hearted and friendly. It was an absolute pleasure not only to meet him but also to see him perform live.

Once again, thank you Salem, and I hope that we can meet up again soon, when I come back over to Sweden to see you play live again! (My special thanks also to Magnus, Salem's tour manager, who helped to make it all possible: it was much appreciated and I hope things are going well for you.)

Over the past year, Salem has also continued to support Planet Salem which is included as part of his official website, which I was delighted about!

The release of the "Astronaut" album meant that I was kept busy for most of the year, thanks to all the reviews/media articles/television/radio appearances and of course Salem's live appearances.

To each and every one of you, whether you have visited Planet Salem whether it was only once or a hundred times (!) - thank you all for your support, friendship and continued encouragement. Every one of your emails and comments gives me the inspiration to continue with the blog for a long long time to come. Through this blog I have got to know some lovely people - you know who you are! - who share my enthusiasm for all things Salem, keep in touch!! This blog has an audience from all over the world, who all want to know about Salem's music: Planet Salem will continue to campaign for his music to be released in Britain, continental Europe and beyond....

The majority of Planet Salem's readers are from Sweden: as you know I am not Swedish and I don't live in Sweden, but I hope that I can continue to do justice to your wonderful country and its greatest musical talent, so please let me know if I get anything wrong! ;)

So what about the next 12 months?

2010 now looks as if it will be another busy year for Salem, with Melodifestivalen and (hopefully) the release of his third album, so there are some very exciting times ahead. So Planet Salem will "keep on walking" into its third year and will continue to bring you all the news about our favourite Swedish musical genius!

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