Saturday, 5 December 2009

My thoughts on that Grammis nominations list.

The first full list of nominations for the Grammis 2010 have been announced, which are on my other blog:

Firstly the good news: Salem has been nominated in three categories: Best male artist, best composer and best producer. These are particularly important nominations as they were the three categories which he won at the 2008 ceremony - the other was, of course, best newcomer which he is not eligible for anymore!!

However, I'm not happy that Salem has been overlooked in two very important categories: best artist and best album. Particularly the latter category: why was the album of the year - "Astronaut" of course - left out of the list? I can't understand this decision at all. Even if the album wasn't as commercially successful as "This Is Who I Am", it was critically well-received and absolutely deserved a nomination.

(Something also puzzling me this week: Salem has not been nominated in any of the categories in the P3 Guld 2010 awards. I really don't understand this either!!)

Anyway, good people of Sweden, once again you know what you have to do - vote for Salem in the 2010 Grammis!!!

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