Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nyköping review in Södermanlands Nyheter

Olle Söderström has written a warm and positive review about Salem's show at Culturum in Nyköping, in Södermanlands Nyheter - go to

I want to share a few things from the translation of the review as the reviewer makes some very relevant points.

The reviewer says that Salem is "... still a joy machine" and describes the newly-bespectacled Salem as "a young musical clone of Elvis Costello" going on to expand on this comparison.

He goes on to say that "Salem must be heard live. For his greatness lies not in a great singing voice, neither relies on some amazing songs, but on stage he fills them with so much musical magic, mischief, shifting harmonies and rhythmic drama that grows several feet". I'd also like to highlight the reviewer's closing words: "...he is charming, and charming you rarely get enough of. Particularly if they are a musical prodigy who distributes the entire pharmacy of antidepressant pop pills".

I think we can all agree with that description!

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