Sunday, 25 October 2009

Review of Salem's Kristianstad show in Kristianstadsbladet

Kristianstadsbladet's Lisa Appelqvist has written a very positive review of Salem's Friday night show in Kristianstad. This review can be found at

Lisa describes Salem like a "mad professor of the keyboard" and praises his connection and communication with the audience.

It looks as if Salem has created new arrangements for the songs - notably "Dream Girl". The set also included "Mirror"/"It's True"/"This Is Who I Am"/"It's Only You (Part II)"/"Good Song"/"One of the Others"/"Astronaut"/"Roxy".

Here is a picture of Salem from the show - complete with glasses :)

(picture courtesy of Peter Ă…klundh -

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Jimmy said...

Me and my wife saw Salem in Kristianstad and it was a wonderful and intimate concert, and it felt as if Salem liked to play very much.I feel sorry for everyone who diden`t go there, they misssed a wery nice evening!