Wednesday, 9 September 2009

P3 Live Session: did you hear it?

As I said in an earlier post, I wasn't doing the things I usually do on a Wednesday night so I was able to listen to the P3 session as it was broadcast. I had a few problems getting online tonight and missed the first 10 minutes of the show, however I didn't miss any of Salem's set as he didn't begin until 21:00 UK time (22:00 Swedish time).

Set list:
It's Only You (Part II)
Good Song
Brooklyn Sun
Dream Girl
Solsbury Hill
It's True

I didn't realise he would be playing so many songs so this was a very pleasant surprise. There was also an interview and a musical intros quiz which Salem and other guest Jennie Abrahamsson played. (I got the Melody Club and Erik Hassle intros correct, but the other ones were more difficult).

Anyway I'd better tell you about tonight's session..."It's Only You (Part II)" was a bit different from the usual version as out went the electronic looping background and in came a more traditional (and to these ears, a very complex) piano accompaniment. One unique thing about Salem's live set is the way all the songs flow into each other, there are no stops and it was straight into "Good Song", still (in my opinion) the best song that Salem has ever written. This version had a bit more urgency and bite, and some very good vocal harmonies in the chorus...flowing into a slightly different version of "Astronaut" which was more electronic piano-based than the recorded version which has more of an acoustic feel. Having heard a few live versions of "Astronaut" I always think Salem sings this song particularly well and tonight was no different.

If you have never heard "Brooklyn Sun" before, then the second part of Salem's set gave radio listeners the opportunity to hear this relatively new and as yet unreleased song which still has the ability to mesmerise and make you stop what you are doing. It is still incredibly moving, and I hope it won't be too long until Salem records and releases this song, either on his next album or maybe another EP?

Part 3, the closing section of the band's set, had some old (and new) favourites. "Dream Girl" is another song which Salem can be relied on to provide an excellent vocal performance. And as for that piano hookline....

I expected "Dream Girl" to go into "It's True" but Salem had one more surprise for us - we got "Solsbury Hill" instead. Fans and regular readers of Planet Salem will be well aware of Salem's brilliant performance of this song on the Polar Music Prize last week, of course he also played it on "Nyhetsmorgon" last week. And tonight, just as on "Nyhetsmorgon" he forgot some of the words. ;)))

The ultimate crowdpleasing song and fan favourite "It's True" was next, and cheers of recognition greeted the opening bars of current single (and Svensktoppen hit!!) "Roxy" - (Salem was of course asked about this song during his interview, I think he said he'd been asked the same question about 2000 times or something???)

All in all it was a very well performed 'greatest hits' set which I enjoyed very much.

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