Monday, 6 July 2009

Jönköping tonight: my review

Good news: the webstream worked and I was able to watch tonight's "Jönköping Live" concert. The music was quite good - I particularly enjoyed Jonas Sandvall: he didn't look like a rock star in his bow tie, but he definitely rocked!

We had to wait till the final half hour of the broadcast for the real star of the show of course - Salem!

Set list:

It's Only You (Part II)
Dream Girl
Good Song
Cold Shower
It's True
Encore: Twelve Fingers

Salem looked very good tonight in his white shirt and black braces, although he had a bit of trouble with his braces which were quite loose and a little bit twisted! (Don't you just love the attention to detail on Planet Salem???!!)

I'm not sure how the show sounded if you were there, but the sound mix was a bit uneven and sometimes some of the instruments got lost in the mix, maybe it was the webstream to blame - I don't know. I also thought that Salem and the band seemed more subdued than usual in their live performance - I don't know the reason for this, but I guess they maybe just picked up on the lack of atmosphere?

The main thing I noticed tonight was the lack of atmosphere coming from the audience. Again, maybe it was better if you were there, but from what I saw in the livestream I felt that many people in the audience looked bored, disinterested and unappreciative. (Although thankfully there were a few people there who did enjoy Salem's music and cheered and clapped to show their appreciation).

It was really great to see and hear Salem again, doing what he does best - playing live. A very interesting selection of songs tonight - some old and new favourites and I loved them all. Salem always sings "Dream Girl" perfectly, and there's always that moment in "Good Song" when he forgets the lyrics (!). Interestingly, new single "Roxy" was left out of the set list, but "Astronaut" was as lovely as ever and "It's True" finally got the crowd going (is this the only Salem song that some people know, I wonder?) My favourite tonight was the closing "Twelve Fingers" which the band played as an encore, and finally Salem let himself go with some old-style headbanging.

If you were at the show, please leave your comments and let me know what you thought of Salem's performance tonight.


Rebecka said...

I was at "Jönköping live" tonight just to see Salem, and he was great! I was one of the few in the crowd who really appreciated his talent. It makes me mad when people bahave like they did tonight, looking bored and not cheering.

I just wanted to say that he was really good and looked so cute. Obviously

Anonymous said...

I agree that the audience was a bit bored, it almost felt like they went to see him becuase it was for free! Although I thought Salem did a very good job. He's the best!

Ellen said...

I was there to see it live and Salem was great! The audience though- not so great. Don't think the sound was so bad while they were playing, but when another artist played it sucked. Salem also had some trouble with the sound before he started, but they fixed that. A shame that he didn't do Roxy! Had really hoped for that, but the songs he played were all great so it didn't matter that much.

Anyway, he was cute and fantastic as always<3