Wednesday, 15 July 2009

By royal appointment

After waking up this morning I headed to the computer to see if "Grattis Kronprinsessan" was available on SVT Play....


I have just had a little "sneak peek" at the show (I'll watch it in full later today and will review it at EuropeCrazy) - and I thought Salem was fantastic. Just as he gave one of his best performances two years ago when he appeared at the very same concert and sang "It's True" and "Dream Girl", last night he was back by royal appointment and performed "Astronaut" and "Good Song". Of course Salem looked as appealing as ever, dressed firstly in his white shirt, black braces and black trousers, then for "Good Song" he changed into a blue and white check shirt.

The programme can be found at and will be available to watch on SVT Play until 14th August.

"Astronaut" is 35 minutes into the show whilst you'll find "Good Song" at about 50 minutes.

I also thought the 'house band' brought out the best in Salem: he gave one of the best vocal performances I've heard from him for a long time - soulful, jazzy and always distinctive. As he didn't have to play keyboards or guitar at the same time then he could put so much more into his performance. I think Salem will have gained a number of new fans after they saw him on this programme.

Now as regular readers will know, "Good Song" is my favourite Salem song (and my favourite song of all time!) so I was absolutely delighted with the performance he gave at this concert. If anyone had worried that Salem may have become too 'subdued' of late, then this was reminiscent of the 'old' Salem: running and jumping around the stage, a performance full of fun, exuberance and complete enjoyment.

And did you see him standing on the stage with all the other performers singing that song for Victoria at the end of the show :))

I'll try to do some screencaps tonight from the show and will post them here.

By the way I just wanted to mention that I've now been a Salem Al Fakir fan for 731 days :))))

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it was sooooooooo nice^^