Saturday, 2 May 2009

Time for a break!

Salem has had an extremely busy schedule over the last 8 weeks - all the media promotion/TV and radio appearances/interviews which accompanied the release of the album, followed by the Swedish tour, followed by the trip to the USA.

(Salem - You have worked so hard so I'm glad that you are finally getting the chance to relax for a while. You deserve it! I hope you enjoy New York, and that it gives you the inspiration to write some more songs which are as beautiful as "Brooklyn Sun" which you wrote on your last trip there.)

As for Planet Salem, it's also been a busy and highly successful couple of months too, the high point of which was meeting Salem before his Gothenburg concert, as I said in a previous post, that was the best night of my life!

To know that Salem and those closest to him value and appreciate the work I do on this blog, completely touches my heart and gives me the motivation to continue with this site for a long long time to come.

Thanks to Salem and doing this blog I've also got to know a lot of lovely, special people, your emails and comments mean so much to me and I'd love you all to keep in touch. (Remember all emails are treated as confidential so you can email me about anything and I'll keep it a secret!)

However, I need to let you know that Planet Salem is taking a break between Monday 4th and Friday 8th May, as my boyfriend and I are going on holiday to Dusseldorf, Germany for a few days. This blog will return on Saturday 9th May.

(One more thing: after all the recent activity, I would anticipate that there will be less news to report about Salem over the next couple of months or so, therefore if it will be a bit quieter on this blog with less regular updates, then that's the reason!)

Best wishes....and see you soon!


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