Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunsdvalls Tidning review of Salem's concert

There's a review of Salem's show at Sundsvall Stadshuset on Friday 15th May at and you can also find some pictures from the show there.

Reviewer Janne Hallman gives it a rating of 3....

"Swedish pop's most perfectionist front man took to the Spegelsalen stage last Friday....He is insanely talented, but when Salem al Fakir is with the band on stage it feels like something essential is missing. Although his hair is now a little calmer and the explosive symphonic moments a little less so, it would be wonderful if the classically trained inhibitions could be released completely. Salem is a wonderful stage personality. Warm, genuinely nice and with a natural charisma....Although he is charming, I wish nevertheless that small horns could grow out the curly hair. As it is now, so he stands up in the middle of songs that he forgets a line of text. Taking it over and over again. Guitar tuned to perfection.... The band exclaims musical explosions, and it gives a taster of how good it could be if we dared to let the sky high ambitions go a little. Salem al Fakir should learn that you do not die if the guitar is microscopically out of tune or a line of text will disappear, because when he drops everything and lets the music take over, he is a joy spreader unprecedented."

Some very interesting and constructive comments there!

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