Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Something very special at Malmofestivalen 2009...

I have some big news today! Salem will be playing this year's Malmofestivalen (which takes place between 14th and 21st August) - and he will be doing something very special indeed.

For once again, he is collaborating with an orchestra! This time, it's the 60-strong Malmooperorkester. I don't have any more information yet on the actual date of the concert so if anyone has any more information can you leave a comment here and I will pass it on.

Isn't this exciting!!


Darkfairy aka chicken dipper lol said...

Awesome I might go if I'm not at my cousin's wedding I don't even know when it is...anywhooo L I seriously need your help my work load is growing like an enchanted forest I swear I'm gonna end up as a petrified tree or something I need to ask you a favour though...could you find me a grayscale pic of his royal roxicalness Salem please?? I'm gonna draw it and use it as a centre piece of a presentation I'm doing if you have one could you e-mail it to me? you would be helping me out so much *sad smile*

Thank you!!!!

Roxiical Salem Looovage
Darkfairy aka J

EuropeCrazy said...

You've got mail! (And I'll sort some stuff out for you over the weekend).