Friday, 1 May 2009

Salem in Washington DC

Something which happened last night, which I only found out about today:

One of Scandinavia's top artists indeed. Salem played the House of Sweden in Washington DC last night. I haven't found any reviews of the show yet, but if by any chance you were at the show then post your comments here.

Lucky American audiences, getting the opportunity to see Salem play live - possibly the best live show you will ever see, by the most creative musical talent of our generation.

(And $10? That must be the bargain of the century).


Mary Roeser said...

Ack! So close to me and I missed it. What a shame. :(

TSM said...

I was at the show in DC, Salem was great - was a very small venue, very intimate, he signed cd's etc. afterwards. I hadn't heard of him before the show, but have become quite a fan since - he is very talented and has some great music that I am surprised more people haven't heard over here before.

I think he had a lot of first timers in the audience, as the show was advertised as part of the House of Sweden's event's schedule, so maybe he'll start growing a following in the states.

The songs that seemed to resonate most with the audience were: 'Brooklyn sun', 'it's true', 'its only you' and 'astronaut' - really wish he would release Brooklyn sun. The crowd was a bit less receptive of his more upbeat stuff, maybe the more melodic and heartfelt songs were just easier to like upon first listening...he ended with a prolonged version of 'its true' that really got the crowd going.

Hopefully he'll make it back before long, and put some more music out soon - I think that he could really develop a strong following in the states if he produces more songs like the ones I mentioned above that blend compelling and innovative melodies with uplifting and heartfelt stories.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Mary, sorry you never made it to the show - I didn't know anything about it beforehand either, or I would have mentioned it on the blog if I'd have known. It wasn't well advertised and wasn't even mentioned on Salem's own website :(

TSM - I'm glad that you have become a fan of Salem's music: you only have to hear him once and you will be a fan for ever!

I agree with your comments, and it was interesting to read about which were the most popular songs. I wish he would release "Brooklyn Sun" too, as it is such a beautiful song. Your description of his music is totally accurate - it is indeed compelling, innovative, uplifting and heartfelt.

I hope that his U.S. trip has been worthwhile and that it results in his music being released over there. Hopefully he'll get back over there again someday.