Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New interview (in English) on YouTube!

I just found this on YouTube:

It's an interview with Salem (in English!) and gives a nice little insight into his musical upbringing and there are also clips of him in the studio - being a perfectionist!

I love this clip. It's great to hear Salem speaking English again and it just reminds me of when I met him!! :)

Some screencaps...


Chicken dippers live in trees and you know it said...

L I have a confession...I didn't watch the vid till just now I have been neglecting my Planet Salem writing by drawing all the time...but now I've watched it, it is breathtaking I couldn't breathe throughout all of it, Salem's voice is beautiful (not that I didn't know that from before) but in English its just I can't find a word for it but the feeling is just like he took my heart and closed it in the palms of his hands and when he opened them butterflies flew out in spirals around him and there is laughter and happiness and it's just so euphoric it's the purest madness but I'm floating but I realize I can't fly but when I heard his voice I was just air I didn't exist as a human being but like a spirit mixing with the air that surrounds me and it was just crazy I cannot find words for it..he's perfect...never before have I found a person that could do so much with just one action but the thing is within that one action there is life and magic and peace and happiness and every little thing you ever could have believed in when you were younger,your every wish and desire comes true and nothing can touch you within that bubble of exhilarating air that is...Salem. Wow...I think that's it *giggles* I think that is what I wanted to say even though it's not a word it's a description of a word that doesn't exist yet but I think it can't exist because I think if it did it would taint the feeling and I would end up still wanting, actually not just wanting but NEEDING a better word:D but I think that's it L and I think I'm finished writing now so byee:) (and now to take a deep breath haha)

EuropeCrazy said...

Well said.

I guess you liked it then!! :))

I've watched the video a few times over the last few days and particularly love that moment when he is singing "Black Sun Black Moon" unaccompanied in the studio.