Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Yet one more Norwegian review of "Astronaut"

I didn't think I'd find any more reviews, but then I found this in Stavanger Aftenbladet:

The reviewer Kjetil Wold doesn't like this album as much as "This Is Who I Am" giving it four out of five rather than the five he gave that debut, but even if he's a little critical he's still got lots of good things to say about the album:

"Salem still has a solid grip on songwriting and he alternates from large ballads, through pop, cheesy discopop and soul to flimsy electronica-pop. But he sounds smoother and more superficial this does not mean that "Astronaut" is a bad disc. The melodies are good - and he demonstrates a stronger grip on the ballads than the uptempo pop song. Best tracks: "Black Sun, Black Moon" and "Astronaut."

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