Saturday, 4 April 2009

Lund concert review in Expressen

There is a review of last night's opening concert of Salem's tour in Lund, in Expressen:

The reviewer Per H├Ągred reported on the return of "Huddinge's Elton John" who played to a crowd of 350 people last night. The reviewer said that the music is now more elegant and subtle, and Salem no longer runs around the way he used to. However, the reviewer commented that in the live setting, the new songs lost their subtlety and at times the band were drowning Salem out :( Apparently the sound quality wasn't as good as it should have been - why is this always a problem at concerts?

I was glad to see that Salem played the unreleased and utterly gorgeous "Brooklyn Sun".

The reviewer said that the best moment was "It's True" which almost blew the roof off the venue!!

(I wonder if Salem played many of the "old" songs? As long as "Good Song" and "Dream Girl" are still in the set then I'll be happy - but I love the new and unreleased songs so I want to hear as many of them as possible!!)

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