Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Linköping concert tonight / Setlists

Tonight Salem's tour reaches Linköping, where he and his band will be playing the Konsert & Kongress centre. If you are going ....enjoy the show, and remember to leave your comments here if there's anything you want to tell us about the show.

Also I'm looking for information about the setlist for this tour. I'd like to know about what songs Salem is playing - I know he's played "Good Song" and "It's True" and "Brooklyn Sun" but I'd love to know what other songs he is playing, I guess most of them will be from the new album.

Can anyone let me know - either in the comments or via email.

Much appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

Here's the setlist for the concert in Linköping (I take no responsibility for the completeness of this list, but these are the songs I know for sure were played). Great concert by the way! But embarassingly few people in the audience.

Twelve fingers
Cold shower
Devil look
Good song
It's only you (part II)
Brooklyn sun
Bluest eyes
Now's the time
Dream girl
It's true
One of the others


EuropeCrazy said...

Anna .....tusen tack!! :))

What a fantastic set! All my favourite songs are in there - you probably know that I'm going to see him in Gothenburg next week so you can imagine how excited I am :))))

I'm glad you enjoyed the show and I'm sure that Salem and his band were as fantastic as ever. I can't understand why he isn't more popular and why more people don't go to see him live, as he is such a terrific live performer. Still at least the true fans are always there :)