Monday, 6 April 2009

"Astronaut" on Norwegian radio playlist

I don't have much news to report today apart from finding out that "Astronaut" has been added to Norwegian radio NRK P3's playlist. It has been C-listed this week but we hope it will be A-listed soon.

Before I go, something personal and off-topic: if you're out there Darkfairy, please get in touch - missing you!!


kevin (ru) said...

Hi from Russia! Are there any plans to release his concert on DVD? I've just managed to see some Berwaldhallen footage on YouTube... simply speechless!

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Kevin!

I haven't heard any news about the Berwaldhallen concert coming out on DVD although I wish it was, as it was an amazing concert. It was also broadcast on Swedish Radio on New Year's Day and the combination of Salem with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra was quite breathtaking. I remember seeing footage on YouTube of Salem singing "One of the Others" at Berwaldhallen and just like you, I was speechless.

I will continue to campaign for a live DVD of course, Salem is such a brilliant and engaging live performer that he must do a live DVD! (The sooner the better).