Friday, 13 March 2009

Salem on P4's "Musikplats Stockholm" today

I didn't know this was happening until I went to Salem's official site tonight so it was a really pleasant surprise to find out that Salem and his band had played a live concert session today at P4.

If you go to and read further down the web page there is a link to the half-hour show.

Firstly "Someday" (is this still called "Someday" or is it called something different now?) which has turned into a bluesy little jam. Next was "Cold Shower" which I hadn't heard before. It seemed a little rough around the edges but it's probably one of the first times it's been played live so I guess that's the reason. One of the great things about Salem is that no two songs sound the same - this had a little jazz-influence about it.

EDIT 16.03.09: I've listened to "Cold Shower" several times now and it has really grown on me. I just love the little piano-lines running through it...I can't wait to hear the album-version of this.

"Astronaut" next - well what more can I say? This is already a classic.

And so on to "Bluest Eyes". This was the first time I'd heard this song and I have to say that I love it already. It's very atmospheric and darker in mood ("evil is hiding in the bluest eyes") and it ends in a fabulous guitar solo.

EDIT 16.03.09: I just know that this is going to be one of my favourite tracks on the album. Salem's lyrics have developed so much, and they are now so clever that you actually forget that he is not a native English speaker - but he writes better lyrics than native English speakers!! The instrumental part at the end of the song is stunning: it reminds me of something from the 1970s - I mean that as a compliment by the way!

It's indicative of Salem's "more serious" mood which some fans may not be happy about, however I understand that you can't stay the same all the time, and you have to move on in your musical-life and maybe explore some more serious, darker themes.

But then "Roxy" closes the show, a song which is neither serious nor dark :)) It's frivolous, cheeky, naughty and fun all at the same time. And I love it.

It was great to hear this show tonight and I recommend that you check it out. It will certainly keep me going till my copy of "Astronaut" drops through my letterbox!

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