Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New interview with Salem in Svenska Dagbladet

Thanks to Sofie for the tip (see comments section in previous post).

There is a new interview with Salem by Camilla Sundell of TT Spektra which is published in today's Svenska Dagbladet (and a number of other Swedish newspapers).

In this interview Salem says that he has developed as a person since his debut album and is happy to be older! He says that he didn't expect "This Is Who I Am" to be so successful and although he was delighted to win 4 Grammy awards he has now put them away in the closet! Salem admits that the "Astronaut" album is more serious and thoughtful but that fans should still be able to recognise his music.

His inspiration for the songs comes from daily events in his life and he says there are always things to write about.

Salem also hopes to collaborate again with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in future.

Inevitably the conversation turned to Salem's hairstyle! He said that he was happy to get his hair cut as he had wanted that style since he was younger, and he hopes that people will no longer mix him up with his brother Nassim.

Finally, Salem is hoping that the release of his EP in various countries in Europe will lead to a European tour.

Full interview at

Needless to say, Planet Salem will continue to spread the word about Salem's music all across Europe and beyond, so that hopefully some day his dream of a European tour will come true.


Anonymous said...

He looks so handsome! Great new look!

EuropeCrazy said...

Yes I've just watched video footage of his new interview...what a handsome, beautiful man with a lovely personality. Just perfect.