Sunday, 15 March 2009

New clip of Salem singing "Someday"

Find it at Rather nice version of the song too, he's accompanied by Jakob and Nils on this.

What's the deal with "Someday"? Is it going to be on the album or not? It's never mentioned in any of the published tracklistings, yet if it's not on the album he seems to play it rather a lot. Or maybe it will be on a future EP? Does anyone know the answer? I'm confused!!

EDIT 16.03.09: (Thanks Karl for the answer!) "Someday" won't be on the album. Whilst I'm rather disappointed about this, I have heard a few live versions of the song recently and they've been different every time - this song is certainly a "work in progress" so if Salem wants to experiment and play a few songs live which aren't on the album then it's his choice and at least we get to hear even more songs from him than we would normally expect, so it's all for the better I guess :))

When I got home and logged on tonight I found that Svenska Dagbladet interview (by Erik Laquist) at Quite a fascinating interview gives an insight into where Salem is "at" just now.

Salem describes his new record as a more mature collection of songs in which he has developed his lyrics and songwriting and doesn't see it as being the typical "difficult second album". He says he is at his most comfortable when playing live - that's certainly good news for all of us who are going to see him on tour.


Karl Andersson said...

In an article in todays copy of SVD, Salem sais that Someday will not be on Astronaut. He sais that he likes having song that he only performes live. That allows him to alter the song between every gig :).

EuropeCrazy said...

Now I understand! Thanks for your help. I have heard a few versions of "Someday" which are all very different so this would explain why. I always thought this song was a "work in progress".

Is there a link to this article on the SVD website? I wasn't able to find it.