Tuesday, 17 February 2009

No news yet about my Gothenburg tickets.

Sorry if I go on and on about this, I know you all visit this blog to know about what Salem is up to rather than what I'm up to, but I need to get this out of my system.

I know it's only been a few days, but I still haven't had a reply back from Ticnet about arrangements for collection of the Trädgår'n (Gothenburg) tickets. I will get in touch with them again before the end of the week and if I don't receive a reply then I may just have to give up on the idea of going over to see Salem play live this time :( even though this was and probably will be the best chance I'll get to see Salem play a concert in his own country, in front of his own fans - the people who know, love and appreciate his music most of all.

This is the fourth time I have attempted to see Salem live - I tried to get to Gothenburg in 2007 and 2008, also to Stockholm in 2008 but there were other reasons why I couldn't go.

This time it's different - it's a good time of year, I can get time off work, there are flights available from my local airport and hotels available, so you can understand why I feel frustrated that I can't go ahead, even though tickets are available I may not be able to get them. (Even though I run Salem's international fansite!!)

Salem - if you are reading this, then I'm sure you will understand that (as I'm your unofficial international blogger), I really want to see you play live so that I can then tell the world all about it on Planet Salem.

Hopefully I will have good news to report soon, sorry I'm feeling a little down about this tonight :(( In the words of Salem himself, "I wanna thank you all for listening".

On the bright side, tomorrow is Wednesday so that means "Countdown to Astronaut" time again, and I'm getting more and more excited as the weeks go on.


Johannes said...

I really hope you can get some tickets to the trägår´n konsert!

so you can come to gothenburg!

Salem rules!!!!

EuropeCrazy said...

I hope more than anything that I can get tickets, because Salem is a brilliant live performer.

I absolutely agree - Salem rules!!!!!!!!

Linnea said...

If I belived in God I would totally pray for you about the tickets! :)
If Ticnet gives you a positive answer you won't be disapointed about seeing Salem live! It's awesome, but I'm sure you know that. hehe.

blog65 said...

According to the Ticnet site, information about when tickets can be collected will be given when you do the booking. Have you tried that? But you can't cancel the ticket once you've paid for it...

Good luck!